The Sequels to Syrrah's Game SGSequels

chapter 14

Wednesday, August 9th, 4:12 PM

Casper, WY


Finished with driving around the Motel 6 parking lot several times, with all of them checking carefully, Evan finally drove the Ram right up to a parking spot in front of their motel room door. “Ha. We lucked out.”

“Dang.” Freddy stretched and let out a loud yawn. “Tired from that drive. Yeah, not too shabby on our parking spot.”

“So, we sure?” Evan asked them both. “None of us saw it?”

“Not so far,” Neraeh said, looking out her window. “I did not see a large, grey van with that black grille guard, roof rack or side ladder, as you described.”

“Yeah, a 2012 Ford E250 four-wheel drive conversion.”

She laughed quietly. “Like I told you, I don’t know vans, or other vehicles for that matter.”

“Uh, guys.” Freddy was looking out the Ram’s back window. “We circled this place twice. And I don’t recall seeing…seeing that decked-out van over there.”

“What?” Evan undid his seatbelt, turned back fully, and stared in the direction Freddy pointed. Parked parallel along the concrete embankment leading up to the highway was that van, the same van Arturo Hierro drove into the distance on the highway. Evan squinted, double checking, but his eyes were correct. “Oh my God. You have got to be kidding me. I thought we just passed by there and that van was not there, right?”

“That’s the thing, I don’t think I saw it,” Freddy said. “Did you, Neraeh?”

“No, sorry, not the last time we drove by. I was looking toward our room and all the cars parked nearby.” She was peering out her window toward the van’s position. “I wasn’t even looking that way.”

“That’s the same exact van. I made sure to note everything about it.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know your obsession with vehicles,” Freddy said. “So, if that’s them, how the hell did they know we were here?”

Evan turned around so he could see their motel room. “You two. Face forward like me. Don’t give them any attention.” They did as he requested. “I don’t know. The internet of things. Our credit cards. Our phones?”

“Right, dude. Lots of ways they could track us.”

“But why? What’s the great interest in us?”

“Maybe they know about MOTC.”

“Oh no,” Neraeh said.

Evan eyed her. She was looking out her window way down the sidewalk that ran along the front of the motel rooms. That same guy, Arturo, along with another man and those same two threatening goons were heading toward the Ram. “Okay, I guess this is part two. Same as last time. You guys stay here. I’ll go talk to them.”

“You sure, Evan?” she asked. “I wouldn’t mind talking with them, about what we think happened to Syrrah.”

“No. Definitely not yet. We don’t know enough about them.” He looked back at Freddy. “I’m leaving the keys. If anything looks like it’s going down bad, drive to the nearest police station, ASAP.”

“Dude. I got this.”  

Evan opened the door and stepped out of the Ram. He walked up onto the sidewalk and began heading directly toward the four men. Didn’t take long and he stopped about six feet away from them. “I consider this stalking.” The four men stopped in their tracks likewise. “You obviously followed me here. Do I need to report this to law enforcement?”

Arturo Hierro lifted up both his palms toward Evan in a complacent manner. “No, no, no. Not necessary. We don’t want any trouble.”

Holding his ground, standing still, Evan took it all in. Arturo gave off non-combatant vibes, as did the new guy, a man with India-appearing features, though his hair had a thick, loose fro, and he stood several inches taller than Arturo. The two big goons stood several feet behind them and obviously were acting as reinforcements once again. No other motel people were nearby. “So what do you want?”

The India guy took one step closer. “My name is Kamal. Art and I lost some people, at those bases, besides our own problems with Tauring. And because of this, we learned, we researched. We have accumulated vast knowledge. Help us, so we can help you.”

Arturo, or apparently Art, like Kamal just stated, leaned against the motel’s white concrete wall between two windows. Didn’t they worry motel customers could hear this? “I’m glad one of you took a photo of my card,” Art said.

“What?” Evan folded his arms over his chest. This was getting way too bizarre. “Look. I don’t know exactly what you want, or how you came here, but you need to leave us alone. You’re going about this all the wrong way.”

“How else do we approach you,” Art said, “if not this way?”

“Well, for one thing, less threatening. Your two goons don’t help matters.”

“We know your background,” Art said, yet holding his lean-to pose against the wall. “Wouldn’t want to take our chances with you.” 

Evan shook his head and laughed under his breath. “Yeah. Wonderful. You know about me, but I know nothing about you. And that’s supposed to encourage me here or something?”

Kamal extended his hand and held out a business card. “Here. Take mine. It is merely a regular business card.”

Evan took the card. “Yeah. Sure. Why not.”

“Please, Evan,” Kamal said. “Remember what I said.”

And so now they know my name too? Evan smiled, and shook his head again. “This just keeps getting better and better.”

Art moved away from the wall, stood up straight, and stared at Evan. “You know, it is odd. A guiding force, has compelled me to contact you.” Art turned and headed out to the parking lot, in the direction of their van. Kamal and the two goons followed him. Art stopped, and looked back at Evan. The three others paused too. “People have died, because of what that facility did to them. You think about that.” He then continued walking along his path, his three accomplices at pace. 

Kamal turned back, smiled briefly at Evan, and then followed the others again.

“What the…what the hell is going on here?” Evan spoke quietly under his breath. He turned toward the Ram and could see Neraeh and Freddy were yet sitting safely in their seats.

He walked to the Ram, opened the driver’s door, and sat in his seat. He took in a deep breath and eyed both their wide, inquisitive eyes. “They want us to contact them. But I think we should avoid them. And I’m sensing supernatural abilities from Arturo, a.k.a. Art, and his buddy, Kamal. Trust me on this.” 

“I wouldn’t doubt that,” Neraeh said, “after that disappearing card trick.”

Evan let out disgusted laugh. “Yeah. No kidding.”

“So, what should we do now?” Freddy asked.

“We go into our room, once they have left, and plan our day for tomorrow, to meet with Dana Zypher.”

“And hopefully get something to eat,” Neraeh said. “You think they’ll bother us anymore?”

“Honestly, hon? Yes, I think so. But for now, hopefully, they will leave us alone. And yeah, I’m starving too.”

“Me three,” Freddy said with emphasis.

They all laughed a moment, thankfully lightening the thick, disturbing ambience surrounding Evan’s thoughts; Art’s words triggered memories, especially of the caged man, and woman, near that laboratory room, something he definitely did not want to recall right now.