The Sequels to Syrrah's Game SGSequels

chapter 2

Thursday, August 3rd, 1:30 PM

Park River, MN


“Boom, done!” Evan raised his fist up high. “Great job, guys!” He carefully leaned his Gibson electric against the wall. “We’re just getting too awesome.”

“Heck, yeah!” Freddy raised his guitar up in the air. “Enough of these local country joints. We’re gonna be playing Minneapolis soon!”

“You know it!” Oz yelled out in agreement. “Hard work paying off!”

Though sounds arrived in a muffled haze from their thundering practice, Evan could yet hear Randal hurriedly drop down his drumsticks onto his drum seat. He walked in front of Evan and over to their desktop computer. “Hey. Guys.” Randal opened the Chrome browser and accessed his YouTube account. “We need to see this on the big screen.”

“Why?” Evan kept his eyes on the large TV screen they used for the computer’s monitor. “What ya got?” 

“Oh, just a compilation of some recent artists I think we need to check out. Billboard’s top twenty or so. Get a feel for their music, their style, their videos. All of that. Some older artists too.”

The compilation began. Randal’s video was showing mostly newer artists and bands at first. Cole. Drake. Khalid. Lil Peep. 21 Pilots. Post Malone. Kane Brown. The video next shifted to more intense rock, like Pop Evil and Five Finger Death Punch. And then some Christian rock bands, like P.O.D., KJ-52, Pillar, and Skillet. His video included both stage presentations and recorded video productions. 

“Got the hotties too,” Randal said, with the video continuing. “Check them out.”

Freddy and Oz stepped closer to the screen, showing more interest, of course. Evan could only stare, trying to concentrate mainly on the music. But thankfully what happens with Heidi wasn’t happening with these women. Randal’s video included Ariana Grande, Pink, Kia Dawn, Lesley Nickels, Rachera, and a few newer female artists.

Randal paused the video before it ended. He stared at Evan. “So, what do you think?”

“Definitely helpful. I especially liked seeing P.O.D. and Five Finger Death Punch. They really know how to burn the place down.”

Freddy held his hand up. “Dude. Do they ever.”

Evan smacked his palm. “As far as I’m concerned, rock ain’t dead.”

Freddy beamed. “You know it!”

“Right?” Randal minimized the browser down into the computer’s taskbar. “Plenty of our fans and audience can’t get enough.”

“What did you think of the female artists?” Oz asked Evan.

“Yeah, doing great. Kia Dawn always good as ever. The rest of them, great too.”

Oz smiled. “Wow, Evan. Not the reaction I expected. You’re usually drooling all over them.”

“Ha, ha,” Evan said, “very funny, and no, I don’t do that.”

“Uh, yeah, you do,” Oz said. “Don’t feel bad. Could barely control myself over Dana.”

Randal laughed. “Dana Zypher? Get real, bro. I only included her due to her talent. She got out of rehab not too long ago, last I heard.”

“Whatever,” Oz said, “but she’s a damn hot babe to me. And so what if she got out of rehab? She’s hotter and better than ever. What do you think of her, Evan?”

Evan held up his fingers, signaling quotes. “The ‘D-Zypher me’ girl?” He laughed. “Damn, Oz. She’s really not my type, or kind of music. Too much electronic pop. She should do more hip-hop or dubstep. Why you even listen to her?”

Oz gave a glaring eye. “Because she sings freaking good too. You know she has a great voice.”

“Yeah, she does,” Evan said. “But Oz, man. She has a real bad attitude, always whoring around, doing drugs. She’s been like that for years.”

“No she hasn’t,” Freddy said. “Haven’t you heard? Like Randal said, she got out of rehab. Maybe she used to be like that, but not anymore.” 

“Well, I’m on Evan’s side,” Randal said. “I don’t think she’s that pretty and I never cared much for her overbearing personality.” Randal opened up the video again and clicked off the pause button. “Let’s just watch the rest of this.”

Evan became quiet, allowing Oz and Freddy to continue watching to their hearts content. No wonder Dana Zypher was on Oz’s mind; it was within her segment that Randal had paused the video. Why hadn’t I noticed? Ahh, whatever. Oz thought she was amazing. Uh, sure. A racy, raunchy video. Not really what they should be watching anyway. Oz really liked that girl, and good for him. He could have her.

And at least the Heidi thing still wasn’t happening.

Eventually the video ended.

Randal logged off from his YouTube and closed the browser. He looked at Evan. “So, what you doing on your big eighteenth, bro?”

Oz patted Evan on his back. “Yo, Evan. What ARE you doing?”

Evan smiled and stared toward the floor. “Ahh, not sure yet.” He looked back at them. “I’ll let you guys know, soon, though.”

“We’re gonna par-ty!” Freddy said loudly, wrapping his arms around both Oz and Evan. “Right, guys?”

Evan smiled even broader. “Damn, I don’t know. But again, I’ll inform you guys.”

“Okay,” Freddy said, releasing his arms and facing Evan. “Not like you to have no plan, but I guess we’ll just have to wait.” Freddy stared with his curious blue eyes into Evan’s gaze.

Evan recognized that concerned look. “Right. Just wait.”

He had to know that something was wrong. And it was going to have to be discussed today.