The Sequels to Syrrah's Game SGSequels

chapter 29

Sunday, August 27th, 8:55 PM

Southaven, MS


“I’m wiped out,” Greg said. “What about you?”

“Same,” Evan said. “Like I told you. Carter was probably trying to get our aggression out with that workout today.”

“Yeah. Hours of weapons and protective security practice. Then all those hours of martial arts and weightlifting.” Greg shook his head. “Can’t believe we did all that today. And on a Sunday. A day we were supposed to have off.”

“Right. It’s messed up.”

“Yeah, definitely bro.” Greg stared out the window. “Think I’ll take a shower now. Or you want to?”

“No, you go ahead, man. I’m just going to lie back here, try to chill a bit. Enjoy the AC for a while.”

“You got that right. Okay.” Greg stood up and headed for the bathroom. “Hope they gave enough big towels. I hate it when motels give you tiny little wash cloths for a towel. We’re both grown ass men and that just don’t cut it.”

Evan laughed. “Right? Tell me about it.”

Greg chuckled to himself, and then walked into the bathroom and shut the door.

Evan lay back on the bed.

He sighed. Am I going to do this again?

Seemed he was. Couldn’t control himself. He especially wanted to watch when she fanned her hand and said those words.

He took out his phone and opened the video. He let it play. There she was, bringing him down to earth, from all the craziness and celebrity status Dana’s world exuded. He sighed again and immersed himself with his beautiful, angel princess, who he wanted and needed so ferociously that he tried not to think about what he would do if he ever had her beneath him, on a bed, this bed, and she was trapped, and could never escape from him…no, don’t, Evan, just watch her and relax…can’t think like this right now.

But as he continued to watch the video, his self-control began deteriorating rapidly. Seeing her smile, do her gentle, silly gestures, say her funny, sweet words, observe her graceful, beautiful movements with her treacherously hot body only made him want to think about her more. His breathing increased and his heart pounded harder.

And then he saw her do that waving, fanning hand motion, and finally say to Neraeh, ‘how will we survive?’

He paused the video. He could see Syrrah before him, but when he recalled his arm around Dana, and her sudden vulnerability, her feminine presence, and her desire for his help, he unexpectedly couldn’t tell the difference between each woman; they were becoming one.

This wasn’t like him seeing Heidi as Syrrah. This felt different.

He closed his eyes. He wanted Dana bad. He wanted her on him right now, and he would hold her until she gave in, until she surrendered everything she had to him.

He opened his eyes. Syrrah was still before him in the paused video. He wanted her more than life itself. His control was disappearing further. Damn. His lower body was doing things he did not want it to do now. Yeah, an erection. He tried lying motionless, quiet. In the background he heard the shower yet running in the bathroom. This wasn’t working. Breathing harder, he quickly yanked off his shirt and tossed it on the floor. He lay back down. He held her paused image in front of him again. He closed his eyes and lowered the phone with the screen facing downward onto his chest, over his sternum. He kept his eyes closed and pressed, wanting her to become one with his heart.

He breathed harder, his heart pounding faster, and pressed the phone deeper. His body again felt full of that odd, powerful strength and energy. He wanted to drive the image of his beautiful Syrrah right into his heart, where she would be with him forevermore.

Sudden, crackling glass noise echoed in the room at the same time sharp, cutting pain seared into his chest. “Ow! Damnit!”

Holding his hand over the phone, he shot up and sat on the side of the bed. He leaned forward, carefully allowing his iPhone 8+ to drop off from his chest onto his palm. Blood and cracked glass now enveloped the phone’s border, with further star-shaped cracks in the screen’s center. He looked down at his chest and saw more blood and cracked glass shards around his center chest area mingling with chest hairs. “Nice going, Romeo,” he spoke quietly. “You done lost your mind completely.”

He stood up and walked over to the full-length mirror on the wall. He stared at himself and gently felt his bloody, stabbed skin beneath his chest hairs. Yup. Cut up plenty good, with glass pieces still piercing. With careful, precision finger grips, he plucked the shards away and tossed them into the nearby garbage pail. He grabbed a few tissues from a box on the table and wiped away the blood lines trailing down to his abdomen, and blotted up as much of the rest of the blood as he could. After eyeballing closer in the mirror, didn’t look like he needed stitches. And nothing happening in the crotch area anymore, that was for certain.

He looked at his phone again. He tried gently swiping across the cracked screen, but it wouldn’t respond. Great. Quite broken.   

This was not good. He needed this phone working, always.

And of course, the shower wasn’t running anymore now. He heard the doorknob click open. Greg walked out of the bathroom.

Not going to be able to hide this completely. Keeping the tissues pressed on the cuts, Evan turned and faced him.

Greg, white towel wrapped around his lower body, halted in his steps. “Yo, man, what the hell did you do? You all right? You’re bleeding!”

Evan let out an exasperated sigh. “Let my emotions get the best of me. Basically slammed my phone against my chest, thinking about everything that happened lately.” No way could he tell Greg the true reason, though this wasn’t exactly a lie. 

“Yeah, but, you need the ER?”

“Nah. I’ll just wash it up.”

“You sure, bro?”

“Yes. I’m sure.”

“Okay, well, go ahead, shower is all yours.”

Evan grasped hold of his backpack, picked up his shirt on the floor, and walked into the bathroom.

He took a thorough, cleansing shower, making sure to wash away any possible remaining glass shards.

When he stepped out of the shower, he noticed the bleeding had stopped completely. Regardless he applied some band-aids, gauze, and medical tape he fortunately had stored in his backpack. He stood in front of the mirror. What the hell was I thinking? Not thinking, obviously. He put on his shorts and T-shirt sleeping clothes and walked out of the bathroom. 

Greg was sitting on the edge of his bed, checking out some channels on the TV.

Evan sat down in the nearby sofa chair.

Greg looked at him. “Stopped the bleeding?”

“Yeah. Just some surface wounds, nothing deep.”

“Yo, man. You can’t let that Oreo cookie be getting you down. He’s a real dumbass.”


“You know it, man.”

“Yeah, I’ll try.” Evan recalled some of his thoughts while in the shower. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Yeah sure. What’s up?”

Evan leaned forward in the chair. “Why do you think Hal said Dana is a drug addict?”

“He did? Well, I think she was, years ago. I thought she went through rehab and changed all that.”

“So, maybe she isn’t over it yet?”

“You know. She has those illnesses. She needs pain meds. But sometimes that’s not enough. Some people need the powerful stuff. Street drugs, like heroin.”

“Maybe that’s where she went. She told me to sit down, and then went to talk to those people.”

“Those rapper folk? Yeah, they were shady as hell, bro. And it looked like she was experiencing more than just a few drinks.”

“Damn. Maybe you’re right.” 

“Now I want to ask you something.” Greg muted the volume on the TV, though it really hadn’t been that loud to begin with. “How the hell did you push Hal like you did? He’s a big guy, and you practically tossed him across the hallway. Not that it hurt him much. He seemed A-OK today. How…how did you do that?”

“I know what you’re saying. It surprised me too. I think I was really mad, about the bad things he said about her. And I just lost it. Adrenaline ripped through me.”

Greg gave Evan a sideways glance. “Ahh, dawg. It must be true! You are falling for her, and an older woman no less?”

Evan smiled. “I sure hope not.” He shook his head slightly and glanced away a moment. “Just think I was looking out for her. She honestly isn’t me type.” Another half-truth. The cuts on his chest suddenly stung for some reason.

“Same here, bro. I know I said she’s beautiful and all, but my heart belongs to Janelle, my high school gal.  Just wanted to work this job, get paid the good duckies, that’s all.”

“Yeah. I know what you mean.” Evan lifted his cracked phone out of the backpack and stared at it. “This is not good.”

“I know. Tomorrow. We need to get that fixed for you. That is, unless Carter pulls another fast one on us, cancelling our day off.”

“Right? I sure hope he doesn’t.”