The Sequels to Syrrah's Game SGSequels

chapter 30

Monday, August 28th, 3:12 PM

Southaven, MS


The view out the window lifted Dana’s dreary emotions. “About time. There she is.”

Chella climbed into the bus.

The pain in her knees and hips was just too much. Dana remained seated and stared at Chella. “Where on earth have you been?”

“Hey, Dana.” Chella glanced at Savannah. “Hey Savannah.”

“Yeah, hello to you too.” Savannah stood up. “I was just leaving.” She picked up her phone and purse. “See you later, Dana.” She headed for the door and began stepping down the metal stairs.

“Yeah, babe. See you later too.”

Chella glanced around. “Where are the others?”

“They’re out and about. But where have you been today?”

“Oh. Didn’t Nate tell you? I went with Greg and Evan, to get our phone screens repaired.”

“What? You all had broken screens?”

“No, just me, and Evan. You know, mine has been cracked for a while now, but I could still use it. I’ve been wanting to get it fixed, and when I found out Greg and Evan were heading to a repair shop in Memphis, I figured I’d go with them. We took an Uber, got there, but then had to wait a couple of hours, because the place was busy. It took us almost all day, since we had to eat lunch too. Why, is something wrong?”

“No. Not really. Didn’t see you all day Sunday. I wanted to ask a few questions.”

“Sunday, Nate and I went shopping in Southaven.” Chella sat down in the recliner across from Dana. “But sure, ask away. And how are you feeling today?”

“Good as can be expected. The usual. Get trashed out of your mind and then pay for it. But I’m functional. Pain pills are doing their job. I should be fine for the performance tomorrow night.” Dana crossed her legs, leaned back comfortably into the softness of the pillows and held her gaze on Chella. Should have went with her initial gut feeling. Chella was simply too pretty, with too nice of a petite body. Sure, the male fans loved her, but now she was just getting in the way. “So. I wanted to ask you. What exactly happened, you know, with Hal and Evan? I’ve heard Carter and my dad’s side of the story, but never heard yours, or for that matter Evan or Greg’s.”

“Yeah, sure. Evan was being really nice, helping you get to the lady’s room, like holding you up, walking with you. You told him you felt sick.” 

“Yes, I recall, somewhat. What happened next?”

“Well, you didn’t make it to the lady’s room. You knelt to the floor and started throwing up a few feet from the door. Evan was holding you, gently rubbing your back. And then, well, this is weird, but Hal walks over and grabs Evan by the hair. Evan said get off me, something like that, and pushed Hal’s arm away.”

“Was Hal drunk?”

“Oh, yeah. I really think so. Evan definitely wasn’t.”

Dana snickered quietly. “Oh, believe me. That pussy probably wouldn’t even drink if he was of age. So. What happened next?”

Chella’s face took on a confused, distressed veneer. Good. Her joyfulness was getting over-bearing anyway. “I offered to help you,” she said, her voice lower now, “since I got worried that Hal and Evan thing could erupt again. I got in between Evan and you and helped you out, best as I could. You couldn’t move, though, so I stayed by you.”

“Yeah. Thanks, Chella. So then what?”

“You’re welcome, Dana. Umm, well, I was right. Hal came back and grabbed Evan’s hair again. But this time, it was fast, didn’t see all of it, but Evan was able to jab Hal’s arm away. And then Evan pushed Hal across the hallway and held him there. Evan said something about don’t you disrespect Dana again. And I think Hal said something back, but I had to help you. And then--”

“Dear,” Dana interrupted, “you didn’t have to help me.”

“What? Well, of course I did. I wanted to. I couldn’t just leave you like that.”

“Yes, I suppose. So, I don’t get something. Why didn’t Evan just push Hal’s arm off again and be done with it? Why did he push him across the hall and say don’t disrespect me?”

“I think…” Chella paused a moment, staring toward the floor. She looked back at Dana. “I think he said something to Evan before that. Low mumbling, hard to hear. I’m not sure.”

“Did you ever ask Evan if Hal said anything?” 

“No, umm, I didn’t think to ask. I still can, if you want me to.”

“Don’t bother. I will. Did Greg ever tell you what he saw?”

“No. We just didn’t talk about it. I didn’t really want to. Sort of disturbed me, the whole thing.” Chella paused a few seconds, furrowed her brow. “Why did Hal do that, Dana?”

“I don’t know. I’ll try to find out. But maybe Hal shouldn’t be working here anymore.”