The Sequels to Syrrah's Game SGSequels

chapter 31

Friday, September 1st, 1:30 PM

Chicago, IL


Evan lay back on the motel bed. Greg had just stepped out, to get something to eat so he didn’t have long. He held his phone above his head and pressed the call icon for Freddy.

Freddy answered promptly. “Hey, dude. So yes. I did watch it.”


“Like you said. She does that fanning motion and says, ‘How will we survive?’ several times, but both aren’t always done together. But yeah. I agree. Pretty unique behavior. I don’t know a lot of girls who do that. Do you?”

“No. I don’t.”

“So, this seems more definite. That’s awesome, dude. Really happy. Neraeh will be thrilled to know this.”

“I bet she will. How are you and Neraeh doing?”

“Good, really good. The age thing bothers me sometimes, but she’s fine with it.”

“Why? It shouldn’t. You two are only three years difference.”

“Yeah. I guess. Dude, are you still uncomfortable with us?”

“Honestly? Sort of. But I understand what you said, that she feels a tremendous connection with you and me, and since my heart is inextricably connected to Syrrah, you think she felt it was pointless, to want anything more with me.”

“She really, really needs us, dude. And I was the one here.”

“I know, Freddy. It’s okay. You’re my number one bud, and always will be. It’s all right.”

“Thanks, man. Same with you. You basically saved my life. And dude, if you really want me to, I can break up with her, though I have to admit I don’t want to.”

“No, no, Freddy, stop. It’s all right. Like you said, she needs us…she needs you. And again, it would never work out between her and me. Syrrah is the only one for me, though, of course…” Evan let out a heavy sigh. “I’ll never be with her.”  

“You mean the real Syrrah. But she’s most likely in Dana. You could be with Dana.”

 Evan chuckled quietly. “Fat chance with that. But yeah, probably doomed to walk the earth alone.”

“Dude. Come on. It will be all right! Look at you!”

“I know, I know. Girls always wanting on me.” Evan sighed again and became quiet. He really wasn’t sure what to say. 

“Evan. Really. Things will be all right. Tell me more about that strength thing you felt.”

“Sorry. Just a bit in the dumps here. Yeah. I discussed it with Art. He sort of insinuated part of it was him, and then, so he says, probably part good spiritual forces, working together to help me. Sounds super crazy, I know. He’s been praying, asking for help.”

“And it kind of felt like another person was inside you, when you pushed Hal?”

“Yeah, maybe. More or less. Freaks me out. After all that happened with the hull, and knowing those Causalitors…not a good feeling, like possession, maybe. I really don’t like thinking about it, but I’m going to need help around Dana’s people, most likely.”

“Maybe the strength is from angels, dude.”   

“Yes. True. That could be.”  

“But he told you to pray?”

“Right. He mentioned that after I discussed with him how she’s always so harsh on everyone, except her fans.”

“You would think all your co-workers on this tour would be posting it all over social media by now.”

“Well, two reasons. One, that contract. And the other, I think a lot of them are afraid of her, especially if they want to stay employed.”

“Oh yeah, that makes sense, I guess. But then why does Art want you to pray?”

“He wants me to pray for Dana, for whatever reason she behaves like this. And pray more in general, stay close to our Creator, and keep pure, do what’s right. And you know, I’m glad he talks like this. Gives me hope, helps me to trust him more.”

“Dude, yeah, makes sense. I trust him more too, then. And have you been praying more?”

“I try to keep up. But my mind is just so confused right now. Not sure what to believe, exactly, or what to do exactly. And besides, it’s been a hectic schedule lately. Since August twenty-ninth, we’ve had a performance at venue every night. Four days in a row, if you include tonight, and then tomorrow night too, September second.”

“Damn. Five days in a row then including tomorrow. But Evan. Like you told me, what your dad said. Sometimes, all we have is prayer. Shouldn’t you find the time?”

That memory arose in Evan’s thoughts, when they were still in the hull at the underground base, and often helped by the kindly Dr. Stevens. And dad’s words about praying while they were confined in their room. Certainly wasn’t the worst of memories. “True. You’re right, Fred. That’s why you’re my best bud. I’ll try to find more time in the day.”

“See, there you go, that’s cool. What would you do without me anyway?” 

“Wander this earth aimlessly, that’s for sure.”

“Ha-ha, yeah, I bet you would.”

After a few more friendly words between them, Evan ended the call.

But, regret, regret.

Why couldn’t I have told him?

Well, that’s easy to answer. Because who wants to be known as a psycho freak who smashes his own cell phone into his chest until he bleeds.

Yet worse, he had missed the opportunity to discuss another important thing. Those cuts on his chest were mostly healed by the next morning, something he didn’t recall ever happening to him before.