The Sequels to Syrrah's Game SGSequels

chapter 54

Wednesday, September 27th, 1:56 PM

Grand Marais, MN


The bathroom door slammed open. Dr. K and Freddy hurried into the stall.

“I think she passed out!” Evan said, taking hold of Syrrah around her abdomen and leaning her back into his arms. No way he was leaving her on the toilet seat. “She was throwing up, and then just sunk down on the seat. But she’s breathing.” He placed one arm under her bent knees and the other around her upper back, and then stood up with her.

“Did she hit her head?” Dr. K asked quickly.

“No, she didn’t. She just laid her head on the seat and became nonresponsive. I know first aid, I know not to move someone with an injured neck or spine, but that didn’t happen.”

Dr. K felt her wrist pulse while Evan held her. “We need to get her to the examining room. Sounds like she had a neurally mediated syncope.”

Freddy moved out of the way and held the stall door open. Art and Kamal were right outside, with Kamal keeping the bathroom door itself open for them.

Dr. K rushed ahead, and Evan followed him, keeping Syrrah close and secure in his arms. He noticed that she weighed far less, maybe twenty to fifty pounds less, than when she was Dana.

“It will be all right, dude.” Freddy lightly patted Evan on the back, keeping pace with him. “The doctor’s got this. Just relax.”

“I know, man. But what’s neurally mediated syncope?”

“I believe it means just what happened, that she passed out from vomiting.”

“That’s correct,” Dr. K said, up ahead, leading them down the hallway with the bathroom toward another room.

Evan glanced at Syrrah’s face, but she was showing no response; it was like she was in a deep sleep and unaware of everything happening now.

His breathing getting faster, his worrying accelerating, Evan took some comfort in the dimly lit, gorgeous room they were entering at the end of the hallway. It was any man’s dream mancave, with a pool table, a large card table, a bar on one side of the room and another huge TV screen surrounded by sofas and a bunch of controls for gaming at the far side of the room. He even caught glimpse of a few old-fashioned arcade game machines. “Syrrah.” Her face was still slumped against him, her eyes closed. “You should see this. Doctor K has an amazing room here.” But again, no response.

Dr. K opened a door near the arcade game machines. Evan could see within. The room looked like a typical doctor’s examining room at any local clinic, though it was more colorful, less cold and antiseptic, with warm tan, orange colors and softer lighting.

He carried Syrrah into the room. Freddy, Art and Kamal followed in behind him.

Dr. K enabled the controls on a reclining examining bed table, making the cushion parts spread out horizontal. He also removed the pillow. “Lay her on here.”

Being extra cautious, Evan gently placed Syrrah on the vinyl-covered cushions. Yet even with his movement of her, she still did not awaken. 

“Like I explained, I believe she had a neurally mediated syncope, also called a vasovagal syncope, probably as a result of dehydration and anxiety from vomiting. Lying flat should bring the blood back to her brain.” Dr. K grabbed a nearby cushioned stool on wheels. “Sit down. Talk to her, Evan. Caress her hands, touch her skin. I’m going to take her blood pressure and listen to her heart.  She may need intravenous fluids.”

Evan promptly sat on the stool and moved himself close to the side of the bed. He reached out and gently stroked the side of Syrrah’s face with a soft touch of his fingertips and with his other hand gently encircled her left fingers. “Syrrah, baby, I’m right here. Please, wake up, you should be fine now.”

He repeated the same words and touch motions, with Freddy and Art stepping near and speaking to her likewise.

Dr. K walked around to the other side of the bed and connected a blood pressure cuff to Syrrah’s right arm. While he was squeezing the inflating bulb thing, tightening it around her arm she finally began moving. She opened her eyes and looked at the blood pressure cuff. “What…what are you doing?”

Relief flowed through Evan. “Syrrah,” he said, yet gently stroking her face, caressing her hand. “Doctor K is only taking your blood pressure. It will be all right.”

She turned to see him. “Evan. What happened?”

He smiled at her. “Well, you were--”

“She will need more than just this doctor’s help,” Kamal interrupted, standing near Evan’s side. “Or any other doctor we know.”

“Okay,” Art said. “That’s enough. Let’s get you out of here.” He held Kamal’s shoulders and headed him out of the room.

“Still channeling?” Dr. K asked.

“You got that right,” Art called back.

“Wow,” Syrrah said softly, “that guy never gives it a break.”

Dr. K chuckled. “No. He does not. At least not when he’s channeling.”

Evan laughed too but kept his eyes on her. “Do you remember what happened, Syrrah?”

Dr. K finished taking her blood pressure. “A little low, but not too concerning.” He carefully removed the cuff from her arm and walked away, to a nearby table.

She locked eyes on Evan. “I think I do. Wasn’t I throwing up in the bathroom?”

“Yes, you were. And then you passed out, gently though, you only rested your head on the toilet seat. I carried you in here. How are you feeling now, hon?”

She smiled weakly. “Thank you, Evan. I…I’m not sure. Where am I?”

“In Doctor K’s examining room.”

“Hey, Syrrah.” Freddy stepped closer to the examining bed. “Glad to see you awake.”

“Thank you, Freddy.” She smiled at him too, but only briefly.

“Sure thing. I’ll be back,” Freddy said, heading out of the room. “I need to talk to Art.”

Dr. K arrived back by Syrrah’s right side. He was holding a stethoscope. “Are you thirsty, Syrrah?”

“I think so. Why did I throw up?”

“I’m not certain, but most likely stress and anxiety from all that happened to you. Would you like a glass of water, do you think you could keep it down?”

“I’m honestly not sure. My stomach still feels a bit queasy.”

“All right, that’s fine.” Dr. K placed the earpiece end of the stethoscope around his neck. “I want to listen to your heart, but my nurse, Belinda, is going to set up an I-V, to get you hydrated.” A thirty-something woman in a white lab coat walked over and stood to Evan’s right, near the head of the bed. She had wheeled over one of those IV bags on a pole, just like they used many times for Mom. Geesh, not a good memory.

Dr. K proceeded to listen to Syrrah’s chest area, over her shirt, with the stethoscope, while Belinda used an alcohol wipe on Syrrah’s left wrist, to prepare for the needle connected with the IV.

“You okay with needles?” Evan asked Syrrah.

She was watching closely, as Belinda held her wrist. “Yeah. I guess I am. Had them done plenty of times as Dana. Whatever will help right now, it’s fine.” She gave him a weak smile but then kept her eyes on her wrist.

“Your heart seems fine, Syrrah.” Dr. K ended his use of the stethoscope. He stared curiously at her a moment. “So, you recall your life as Dana. I want to confirm. Are all your thoughts, your memories self-identifying with Dana, or are you only recalling your former self as Syrrah, years ago?”

“It’s like I just stepped out of Dana and now I’m here, as Syrrah. And I remember what I did as Dana, but I couldn’t access all her memories when I lived as her. And yeah, I do recall my former life as Syrrah, the real me. Why do you ask?”

“Only to ascertain your psychological state. But that’s awesome, I’m glad you recall so much.” Dr. K glanced at the door. “I’ll be back soon.” He walked away, at the same time Freddy was approaching.

“Hey, Evan,” Freddy said, before Evan could speak with Syrrah again. “Just talked to Art. One way or another, we’re getting Neraeh at the motel and getting her parents, whether by car or teleporter. And we’re getting your parents and brother too.”

“Oh wow.” Evan looked at Syrrah. “Did you hear that?”

But she was already focused on Freddy and ignoring Belinda and the IV needle. “Really, Freddy? That’s great news! I really want to see Neraeh again, and my parents. But why is Neraeh at a motel?”

“We have been staying at one, while I visited with Evan these past couple of days.”

“Oh okay, I understand.”

“But yeah, even a few hours apart from her is too much for me. But, listen, guys. It’s all over the news, even more than earlier. Still have my phone off, so I’ve been watching the news on Doctor K’s TV. Everybody on social media and anything else is going crazy with this. Kamal believes they can’t suppress it this time, it’s getting out, to everyone, and I hope he’s right.”

Evan recalled the bizarre scene. “Those people, who were stretched, yet alive and all right. Absolutely insane.”

“I caught a glimpse of it,” Syrrah said, “when I was running with you. What was actually happening?”

“Had a good view from Art’s Trailhawk, and plenty of people posted images and videos on Twitter and elsewhere,” Freddy said to her. “That stuff, whatever you were standing within, before you stepped out, displaced everything around its sides, though not in front of where you and Evan stood. But once we were all in the Trailhawk, since they have videos showing us drive away, it instantly, without a sound, went back up into the sky, just like we saw. Everything went back to normal, including those people, but they were totally shook up and confused.” 

“Really?” Evan asked. “And there are lots of videos showing us drive away?”

“Oh, yeah. Good thing Art knew to remove the license plates. Although I’m sure they’ll use facial recognition to find out who Art and Kamal are, and the rest of us. Probably just a matter of time.”

“Removed the license plates, huh?” Evan shook his head, smiling. “And so, the people they interviewed, what did they say?”

Dr. K arrived back by Syrrah. “Excuse me, Freddy, but I need to ask Syrrah and Evan a few things. Would you mind stepping out of the room?”

“Oh, sure,” Freddy said, and he headed toward the door. “I’ll let you know later.”

“No problem.” Evan held his stare on Freddy a moment, until he left the room and closed the door. He looked at Dr. K. “What did you need to know?”

“The last time you viewed Syrrah, from what Art explained, when you and your dad were in the hull. Are these the clothes she was wearing?”

Evan scanned over Syrrah’s beautiful, perfect body. “Yes. Exactly. I will never forget it.” He looked at her boots. “Even the boots are the same. Her outfit is branded in my mind, like forever.”

Syrrah smiled at him, yet seemed too tired, or weak, to respond to his words.

“Do you, Syrrah,” Dr. K said, “recall if these are the clothes you might wear, six years ago?”

She lifted herself up higher, using her elbows, and careful not to undo the IV needle. But Evan wrapped his arm around her upper back, to help her. “It’s okay, Evan.” He continued to support her, regardless. He could feel her arms and body trembling slightly. She scanned over her shirt, skirt, and boots. “It’s a little vague, but yes, I do recall these clothes.” She smiled briefly. “This is so weird, so weird. I cannot fathom how this happened to me.” Yet trembling, she attempted to rest her head back down. Evan supported her, and then gently, carefully removed his arms so she lay flat again.

“I know, dear,” Dr. K said. “And I am bound and determined to figure out more of this puzzle as we go along. But, for now, I know this may seem a bit odd, but I would like you to please remove these clothes, even your underwear. I want to examine them in my laboratory. I’ll have Belinda help you.” Dr. K. looked at Evan and motioned his head toward the door. “Come on, we need to give Syrrah some privacy.”

Evan smiled at Syrrah. “Okay. I’ll be right outside the door.”

Her face drew ashen, and she grabbed Evan’s hand, even with the IV needle in her wrist. “No!” She looked at Dr. K. “I mean, I want Evan with me. I don’t want him to leave me.”

“Of course. Belinda can help you change into a hospital gown, along with Evan. I’ll step outside.” Dr. K headed for the door.

“No, wait,” Syrrah said to Dr. K. “I only want Evan here.”

Dr. K turned back. “I see. Belinda, just help her remove her shirt over the I-V bag, and then get the gown over her arm. Once done, come outside with me.” Dr. K. left the room, his behavior suggesting he was a little confused, even hurt, by Syrrah’s request.

But, didn’t matter to Evan. She wanted him here, with her, and he couldn’t be happier.

Belinda told Evan to move to the side, while she adjusted some things with the IV, but then had him bring Syrrah to a sitting position on the side of the bed. She felt around Syrrah’s shirt and body to detect a bra and confirmed there was one. Syrrah felt for it too, and explained it was a strapless bra, one she recalled wearing before. Belinda helped remove Syrrah’s arm out of the IV-free side, and then, with Evan’s help, remove the shirt over her head and out along her other arm and over the IV bag. Once placing the pink shirt on a nearby table, Belinda readied a hospital gown, looping the gown sleeve opening over the IV bag and down onto Syrrah’s shoulder. Syrrah slipped her other arm into the remaining sleeve and wrapped the gown around her body.

“Don’t forget,” Belinda said, hooking the IV bag back to the metal stand, “Doctor K needs Syrrah’s underwear too.” She glanced at Evan, and then back at Syrrah. “Are you sure this is okay for you?”

“Yes, it is. I trust him with my life.”

“Well, all right,” Belinda said, smiling. “Let us know when you’re done.” She walked out of the room and closed the door.

For some reason, this place, this entire situation felt so reminiscent of the hazmat tent. Evan glanced up and around the rectangular-shaped room. And then he saw it. Whoever this doctor really was, and with as important an event as Syrrah, he obviously didn’t want her out of his sight. A small camera was positioned in the upper corner, behind and to the left of the examining bed.

“What is it, Evan? Are they watching us?” She spoke in a low voice.

“Yeah. I suppose so.” He kept his voice low too. “Not so happy about this, but guess it’s to be expected. But I still believe the doctor and his assistants have our best interests, don’t want to hurt us or anything.”

“I hope so. I don’t understand why I passed out, and why I’m not feeling so well. I thought Art was protecting me.”

“I thought about that too. But, it could just be the side effects of you being in your new body, you know? But either way, I’ll ask Art as soon as I can.”

“Okay, yes, please do.” She sighed. “Well, I guess the bra is first, though I’m honestly not so comfortable about this.”

“Then don’t do it. You don’t have to. And you just stated you’re not feeling so well.”

“My stomach still hurts, a bit. But I don’t feel nauseous right now. But honestly, Doctor K is right to question this. Where did these clothes come from? How did they put them on this body, my body?” She looked at her pink shirt on the table. “Evan. Could you bring that here to me, please?”

“Sure, of course.” He walked over to the table, picked up the pink shirt, and brought it back to her, placing it in her hands.

She held it, mostly feeling it with her IV-free hand. “Wow. Feels like I remember. I just don’t…gosh, I just don’t understand how this could be here, now.”

“Especially when Dana, in your body, was in an accident that obliterated the vehicle, with you inside.” He touched the material, like she was doing. “This is really crazy. It does feel like any other shirt fabric. Unbelievable.”

“I know, tell me about it.”  She lifted it up near her nose. “And even smells just like regular clothing should smell.”

He did the same. “You’re right. It does. Nothing chemical or irregular about it at all.”

She touched and held the shirt for a few more seconds, and he did the same. “Well, I guess we should get this done.” She placed the shirt on the bed. She looked up at him. “Like I said, my stomach is not the best. And I feel weak when I move too much. Plus I’m connected to this I-V. Could you, please, unfasten it for me?”

He smiled at her. “Of course, hon. You don’t even have to ask.” He looked up at the security camera again. “At least you are facing away from it.”

“Yeah, true. Honestly, I don’t care too much if he sees me naked. He’s a medical doctor, so they’re used to it.”  

“But no point in giving the guy a show.”

She laughed quietly. “Yeah, that’s true too.”

He noticed she still had the front of the gown closed, from her arms. He gently took hold of both sides. “I’ll have to get behind your back.” 

“Oh, sure.” She moved her arms away.

Under the gown, he gently circled both his hands, both fortunately warm to the touch, around to her back until finding the bra latch. He had to move in closer to her, right near her wavy, pretty hair, which smelled remarkably good, clean, like she had recently washed her hair. “Well, aren’t you any guy’s dream first date.”

She placed her free hand on his upper body, by his ribs, and leaned her face against him. “Why? What do you mean?”

He unlatched her bra, easily. “Wanting him to help you take your clothes off already, and we barely know each other.”

“Hey, well, I was certainly…umm…ready to take all my clothes off, not so long ago, lying on the bed with you.”

“Mmm, you shouldn’t have reminded me of that, baby,” he said quietly, holding each side of the bra latches in his fingers. He gently brought them around, forward, sliding his fingers next to her skin, until he softly brushed his fingers across each of her breasts. The sensation of touching her breasts sent an electric-like surge within him, her breasts feeling full, firm, not so large as Dana’s, but heavenly even so. “Damn, baby. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.” He lowered the bra down until placing it on her lap and felt her pick it up.  

She giggled a little, against his chest. Felt so nice. “It’s all right.” She took hold of his hand. “Me, as Dana, would take your hands right now,” she said softly, “and place each one on my boobs…but, I feel different…nervous…to do that, or get undressed in front of you. And I don’t know why.”

He leaned down and kissed the soft hair on her head. “It’s all right, hon. You’re probably feeling different since you haven’t seen your body yet as Syrrah, in a mirror. You don’t know what you look like, you feel disoriented.”

“Yeah, maybe.” She released her hand from his hand. She placed the bra on top of her shirt. “Well, I guess let’s get the rest of this done.” 

He caressed her face in his hands and had her look up into his eyes. “From observing what I’ve seen so far, you don’t have a thing to worry about, baby, not at all. But, do you still want me here? I can leave, if it would make you feel more comfortable.”

“No. Please. Stay.” She took hold of his left wrist, making him feel inclined to release his hands from her face. She then wrapped her free arm around him again, snuggling close. “Please don’t leave me, Evan.” 

He wrapped his arms around her in turn. “Oh, baby I won’t, I won’t. I’m right here. Not going anywhere.” He smoothed his hand over her back, along her spine, to comfort her, but felt more bony vertebrae and ribs than he thought should be there; she felt too thin. “But hey, like you said, let’s get this done. They’re probably gonna be pounding on that door soon, wondering what’s happening.”

She breathed in deeply yet sighed quietly. She released her hold on him and leaned back. “Can you please help me off this bed?”

“Of course I can.” He helped her down until she stood upon the floor.

She didn’t grasp both sides of the gown, but just held her free arm across her abdomen, and looked toward the floor. “And, one more thing. Can you please…can you please take off the rest of my clothes, I mean…help me? Especially because of this I-V.”

“Sure, Syrrah. I can do that too.” 

“I just…I just want to close my eyes.” She relaxed her free arm down by her right side, so the gown opened a few inches wide, showing some of her abdomen but her breasts were mostly covered.

“That’s fine, baby, just close your eyes.” She did, with a mildly worried expression on her face. He gently moved his hands in under the gown and grasped the elastic rim of her skirt. “Can I pull this down or do I have to unbutton or unzipper something?”

“You can just pull my skirt down.”

“Okay.” He carefully slipped his fingers between the elastic rim and the sides of her body, her body so warm, so soft to his touch. He slid the skirt down, continuing until at her ankles. He then stood up, catching glimpse of her slim, hot-looking legs while he arose.

She opened her eyes and grasped his left hand. “I’ll just step out.”

“Sure, go ahead. I have you.”

She stepped out of her skirt with her boot-covered feet. He held her hand firmly, at the same time leaning down with his other hand to pick up the skirt. He placed it on the bed with the bra and shirt.

“Only a few more items to go,” he said. “Do you want me to help remove your underwear?”

She placed her free hand under the gown, taking hold of the elastic band of her small, bikini-style panties. She shyly kept her eyes on the panties and began trying to lower them, but then stopped. “Uhh, well, I think you’ll have to remove them too. I can’t with one hand, obviously.”

His heart pounding, his focus a bit lost, he tried to keep himself under control, nonetheless. “Oh, baby,” he said quietly, “I can, but I have to say, you’re killing me here.”

She smiled. “I’m sorry, Evan.”

“No, it’s all right. I should be all right.” He carefully placed his hands under the gown and gently clutched the sides of her panties. He slowly, though not too slow, lowered them down. And he couldn’t help but place himself directly in front of that most beautiful spot on a woman, yet he tried not to catch a glimpse. He simply continued bringing her panties down, along the length of her fine, sexy legs until stopping at the top of her boots.

“Okay,” she said. “I’ll step out now.”

“Sure.” He stood up, and grasped her hand, but her movement spread the sides of the gown apart. He didn’t turn away. His heart nearly jumped from his chest; from what he could view, she had a smoking-hot body, even better than he imagined, with a small, slender waist, and her hips and upper body near her rib cage appeared well-proportioned with each other. And her breasts were to die for. Although, again, he noticed she was a bit too thin.

She smiled and stepped out of the panties. “You’re so naughty. I saw you look.”

“Yeah, you’re right, and I’m sorry.” He politely closed her gown together for her. “I simply couldn’t turn away.” He reached down and picked up her panties and placed them on the bed.

She requested Evan to help her remove the boots and socks. He did so, gladly. When he finished, he put her boots and socks by her other clothes. He then lifted her, helping her to sit on the bed again, and he made sure the gown was covering her appropriately.

She picked up her panties and held them, eying the crotch area. She held it closer. Evan looked too, noticing a few blood spots. “Blood, really?” she questioned. “I have…I have my period now?”

“Wow. I don’t know, hon.”

She looked into his eyes. “This is so, so incredibly weird and phenomenal. I don’t even feel like this is happening. It can’t be happening. Is this all some dream? It has to be a dream.”

“Oh, it’s not a dream, Syrrah, it’s definitely not a dream. The only thing I can conclude from all of this, you being with me now, alive and are a miracle.”

“From that new angel, Limati, who changed to become good?”

“I believe so, and other angels too, somehow.”

Light knocking sounded from the door. Belinda asked from outside the door if Syrrah was finished, and Evan told her yes, she could come in now.

Belinda walked in, carrying some clothing items. Dr. K followed in after her. They right away huddled near Syrrah. Evan stepped aside a little. 

“I may be having my period,” she told Dr. K before he spoke to her first. “And I don’t understand how, and I’m just warning you guys, since I have no protection on, and could get on this bed.”

Dr. K turned to Belinda. “Put a feminine pad on the underwear.”

Belinda walked away, toward a bathroom at the other end of the room.

“And it’s all right, Syrrah,” Dr. K said. “Don’t be too concerned, we will figure this out. I want to take some photos of you and then I want to check more of your vital signs.”

Evan looked around the room, more astutely than he had earlier. He found a plaque on the wall signifying Dr. K as an official medical doctor. He relaxed somewhat, yet still felt unease. “Why do you need to take photos of Syrrah, especially when you already have us on video?” Dr. K looked at him, and Evan motioned his head toward the small camera in that upper corner.

“I’m wondering that too,” Syrrah said quietly.

“My apologies. I should have informed you both,” Dr. K said, though directing his attention mainly at Evan. “All the rooms in this house have security cameras, and no, I would never release any of the footage to anyone, without your consent. But the photos are needed, because none of us are exactly sure how Syrrah is here, in her original body. We can only speculate. Syrrah is a young woman who was declared legally dead. How is she now alive, and further, how, and why, did she appear right after the death of Dana Zypher? The photos will supply some legal proof, if it comes to this.”

“Wait a minute. Did I…” She looked at Evan, confusion in her eyes. “Evan, what happened to me?”

He quickly realized she obviously never looked in the Kenworth’s direction, or at the blood pooling on the sidewalk and pavement. “I haven’t had much time to think about it, but I believe those alien beings, whatever they are, convinced you that I was walking into oncoming traffic, whereas, well, it was actually you.” Evan stepped closer, took hold of her hand and gazed lovingly into her beautiful green eyes. “You were hit by a truck, and landed onto that parked semi. I…I don’t even like recalling this.” He shuddered briefly yet attempted to keep a tough stance. “I’m sorry, hon. You died instantly, as Dana.”

She dropped her gaze and began breathing harder. Evan held her hand as though he would never let go.

Dr. K touched her shoulder. “But hey, you’re here now, right? I wouldn’t think much about it, Syrrah.”

“How, why? Why me? Isn’t this like…isn’t this like something that never happens, or ever happened before?”

“At least not on earth,” Dr. K said. “On other worlds? We don’t know. Kamal’s channeling, for quite some time now, revealed that what happened to you, well, maybe has never happened before. And both good and bad forces are at play. We believe, because extra-terrestrials, or interdimensional beings, whatever they were, they were bad entities…because they were originally involved in switching you from your present body, to Dana’s body, they could lay claim to you.” 

“Lay claim to her?” Evan asked. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“Deceptive, corrupt. Certainly not moral. Since she will no longer be considered a living, legal citizen of the United States, or even a true human being of earth, for that matter, is she an android, a hologram? Or even an extra-terrestrial? That is, until DNA tests and other tests, and a few photos, prove otherwise. Without this, she could be forcefully removed from here.”

“Over my dead body,” Evan said. “Not gonna happen.”

“Well, now mind you,” Dr. K said, “I don’t believe that will happen. It is only worst-case scenarios we are preparing for.”

“I don’t feel anything but human,” Syrrah said, keeping her hand yet wrapped close within Evan’s hand. “I mean, I feel different. I’m not in Dana’s body anymore. I feel…none of the pains I had before, with her fibromyalgia, but I don’t feel that healthy, like weaker or something.”

Belinda arrived back, carrying the clothes she brought in earlier.

“Glad you feel human,” Dr. K said. “And I can run some tests to find out why you feel weaker. But, for now, if you don’t mind, Belinda will take several photos of you, in the gown. Then she has some warm jogging clothes you can change into. I want you to keep warm.”

“Thank you. I am rather cold.”

Belinda picked up Syrrah’s old clothes and in place of them laid light pink, folded jogging pants, white socks, and a matching pink top on the bed, along with that underwear panty with an attached pad. Syrrah released Evan’s hand and picked up the underwear. She asked for Evan’s help again, and he eagerly, gently helped her off the bed and helped her to step into and pull them up.

With the underwear comfortable, Belinda guided Syrrah over to the nearby wall, carefully wheeling the IV pole along so it wouldn’t detach from Syrrah’s wrist. Evan placed his hands on her shoulders, to help, and noticed she walked unsteadily, yet showing weakness, her body trembling slightly. Maybe she was simply just cold now. When Belinda finished positioning Syrrah, she readied a cell phone and took several photos of her, in the gown. Belinda then instructed her to put on the jogging clothes, as Dr. K left the room with Syrrah’s old clothes. This time, she didn’t seem to mind having Belinda present too. With Evan’s help, Belinda removed the gown and carefully threaded the jogging top over the IV bag, like earlier, so Syrrah wore only the top, with no bra. Belinda and Evan helped her put on the pants too.

Belinda took another front-facing photo of Syrrah. She had her turn to face the wall, took another photo, and finally captured several side profile photos also. 

Dr. K walked back in the room. He told Belinda to take Syrrah’s height and weight. She did, with a nearby wall measurer and electronic scale. Syrrah stood at five foot one and a half inches tall, in her bare feet, and her weight was 95 pounds. Dr. K noted that her BMI was only 17.7, indicating she was underweight. Yeah, sort of figured that, Evan realized. Both he and Dr. K explained to her she should try to increase her weight over time.

This also made him recall Neraeh’s initial words in the Sauk Centre motel room, about the weight loss.

Dr. K helped Syrrah over to the bed and had her lie down comfortably. Her blood pressure was taken again, 90 over 60 like earlier, a bit low, but nothing too concerning. Evan stayed close to her side as Belinda drew some blood, since Dr. K wanted to check if certain nutrient and other important blood vital signs, like an electrolyte panel and her white blood cell count, were at adequate levels. Dr. K also asked if Syrrah took any pharmaceutical drugs back when she was in her original body, but she claimed only certain vitamins if she could recall correctly.

A urine sample was also needed. Syrrah sat up and Evan helped her off the bed. Belinda wheeled the IV stand, and Evan helped Syrrah walk, holding her hand, until completing the fifteen feet or so to the bathroom. Belinda moved the IV stand into the bathroom and then left Syrrah alone. But Syrrah insisted on keeping the door ajar a few inches. After several minutes, since she needed to wipe clean first, Evan could hear her urinate into a cup, rather a large amount. She washed her hands, dried them. She opened the door and handed the urine cup to Belinda.  

“How was I able to urinate so much?” she asked Belinda. “From the I-V fluid?”

“Yes, most likely.”

She looked at Evan. “But, weird, since I didn’t drink anything yet.”

“I don’t know, Syrrah,” he said. “We are definitely in uncharted territory here, that’s for sure.” 

Belinda and Evan guided her back to the bed. Dr. K helped Syrrah lie down and he covered her with a warm blanket. Dr. K explained that time, and rest, was what she needed more than anything now. Dr. K left the room, carrying the blood sample vial, with Belinda following him with the urine sample.

After a few minutes, Syrrah fell asleep. Evan sat in the chair and remained by her side, watching her sleep, observing her beauty, and feeling like the luckiest guy in the world. And though he prayed for healing, for any medical problems she might have, he prayed many times over in thanking the Savior and the Creator, for ultimately, none of this could be explained without their assistance.