The Sequels to Syrrah's Game SGSequels





Trying not to appear too obvious, Colonel Stevens glanced down at his watch. It was 1140 hours now.

He looked across the lobby. Lang, his quick motion and small size becoming more saddening and disturbing to observe, was encouraging Evan to sit on the sofa, so they could watch TV together. But Evan didn’t want any part of it; he only played his PSP and occasionally glanced at the main entrance. Lang glanced over there too now and then. They were obviously awaiting the other hull people’s arrival.

Colonel Stevens turned left and gazed beyond Major Ko’s head, down the visitor’s quarters hallway. “Where’s Indalo?” Not seeing him, he looked all around. Only several DFRs were visible down the main hallway.

“Sir, last I heard he needed to use the bathroom. But if I may say something.”

“Sure, Major. Let me hear it.”

“As you can tell, Indalo is becoming completely unraveled. Hope he’s not late for this. General Tauring will be very disappointed.”

“The general is probably more disappointed all of us haven’t yet harnessed the hull’s capabilities.”

Major Ko stared straight ahead across the lobby. “Sir. Careful. Remember.”

Of course, how could he not?

But he just didn’t really care if they were monitoring his words and actions. He wanted to say it out loud, so badly. Why, General, why do you obviously care more about acquiring the hull’s capabilities, to create a new supreme weapon, than the safety of the people at this base? “He’s throwing caution to the wind in my opinion.”

Major Ko nodded, ever so slightly.

“I have to say. I had my doubts, of those scenes Indalo observed,” Colonel Stevens said. “But with two of them coming to fruition already, I have to admit…I’m worried.”

“Sir, don’t be. I’m not worried. Indalo’s images were just interpreted incorrectly. The hull hasn’t shown any concrete evidence it wants to destroy this base, or Earth. Remember sir, if any of those EBEs wanted to destroy us, they could have done it eons ago. Same applies here. If the hull wanted to destroy us, it would have happened already. The hull has been here for two and a half days our time, and this base and everyone else is still here.”

“Understandable, Major. But what of the hull’s message, that we should be more fearful than Lang, Evan, and the others?”

“Possibly Lang, Evan, and the others just don’t feel much fear now. But we here at the base do feel more fear, and it is happening now, and it’s maybe more than the hull people are experiencing.”

“I don’t know. They’re already quite scared. Have you asked Lang and Evan about this?”

“No, sir. Not yet. But I could if you wish.”

“I’ll probably ask them later myself.” More memories of the general’s last meeting inundated Colonel Stevens mind, squashing any endeavors at positive thinking. “I don’t know. Having Colonel Jennings’ team assault the hull all at once with those previous destruction attempts…could be stirring up a hornet’s nest.”

“I know, sir. On that point, I do agree.”