The Sequels to Syrrah's Game SGSequels





Evan kept his eyes on Sirah, until she was no longer visible, the sides of the bright, vertical portal coming together and closing in not only her but many of the angel beings bringing her along. And then no evidence of the portal remained; it had disappeared completely. Any few remaining angels outside of the portal glided off into the encircling light loops around the farther extents of the Heaven realm until they could no longer be seen.

“Sirah,” he whispered, his gaze yet locked in the same area he had last seen her. Her beautiful, fragile face, her small, sleek body was permanently branded into his mind. Though yes, the form of Limati was present when he and the others struggled with everything the hull had put them through, his gut told him it was Sirah. Limati was just a shell. It was Sirah who had read his thoughts and acted upon them. And it was Sirah who had shown him scenes and locations, although frightening, that were important to her, and now, for him too.

He felt a bond with her that he had never felt with anyone before.

Gradually the conversations nearby, of Dad, Mom, Robert and the others speaking with the Savior registered in his ears. But it was hard to break free from this trance. Troubling, questioning thoughts bombarded his mind. Why would Sirah want to kill herself? All of the terrible things happening on Earth – family problems, psychological problems, sickness, war, torture, crime, murder – were any of these responsible for driving Sirah to the brink?

And then he recalled how the Parent, Child One and their colleagues cowered in fear of the Savior, and how the Savior blocked those beings, those DARK Causalitors, from coming closer to where he, Dad, and the other hull people stood.

The Savior had enormous power over those beings.

Evan looked at the Savior. Robert and Nahas were just receiving an answer as to what happened to all those billions of people in the copied universe that exploded, since the Savior explained it really had existed. But he explained that those people and other beings were an alternate timeline that was never meant to occur. They were dream state, or essence, but not existence. Rather strange, and puzzling, actually. Besides, the Savior explained, if they were all true existence, he would be very busy right now. He also restated how the actual universe truly was on pause now. Nahas then asked where the Creator, God, existed. The Savior answered that God existed everywhere, even here.

“But why is the I-arn Cimpengenstin with the Causalitors?” Nahas asked.

“Once the universe engine produced the original universe, the bond between Creator and creations weakened,” the Savior said. “This weakening allowed the Causalitors to take the universe engine from the Creator, and transform and use it for their own purpose.”

“Take it?” Nahas asked, startled. “Why would God allow this?”

“As I know you have heard before, free will, free will for all his creations.”

Evan heard all he needed to hear. He walked closer to the Savior. “What about your free will?”

“Evan.” Dad got his worried, puzzled face. “What do you mean?”

 “They fear you.” Evan stared into the Savior’s amazing eyes. “You could use your free will and take back the universe engine.”

The Savior nodded, his appearance and eyes showing no anger, no disapproval, but only calm understanding. “Come with me. Let us walk to our gathering field. I will show you there.”

“Umm, okay,” Evan replied, his agitation settling a bit. “Sorry, I’m just confused.”

“I know you are.” The Savior then turned around and led the way to the passage under the amazing Mobius light band. The light trails from the Savior’s head, hands, and feet, traveling around and up to the higher Heaven realm, could again be seen, a quick jolting reminder that everything was very different here.

Evan followed after the Savior, along with Dad, Robert and the others. Far more relaxed than when he first arrived by the Causalitors, Evan took in a deep breath of the air. Another strange thing – no odors here? He basically smelt nothing, not even static air.

Then again, he had that invisible hull around him now. Of course there was nothing to smell.

He felt a hand upon his left shoulder. He looked down and saw Mom’s face, her eyes concerned. “I know you went through so much, dear,” she said, “but think how fortunate you are, to still be alive and have seen all of this. Everything will be much better from now on.”

He placed his hand on hers, completely engulfing her hand.  Another jolt - going from twelve to sixteen over a seemingly short nap – it wasn’t right or normal. “Thank you, Mom. I…I really needed to hear that now.” He pressed upon her hand, keeping her closer, and tried not to cry again.

“It’s all right, dear.”

He didn’t look at her again or say anything. But the tears were still coming. Distraction needed, and now! Or course. The universe engine, and Child One. He gently released Mom’s hand and looked around to his right, into the deep darkness. The combination of that silver floor and silver ceiling were very distant now, maybe about a mile away. He could no longer clearly see Child One. Good, who needs to anyway. But why would the Savior just leave the universe engine out there, alone, with Child One and the other Causalitors? Just didn’t make sense. But then again, the Savior was everywhere. But how? This was all so confusing.

He looked forward and kept following the Savior.

From his left eye’s corner, Evan could see Kyleigh. He glanced over at her a few times, noticing she was walking with her son Brayden, quite a distance away. But she kept giving Dad longing eyes when she wasn’t looking at Brayden. So she was probably walking way over there to keep her distance, out of respect for Mom. Kyleigh was just a good person.

They finally began walking under the Mobius light band.

Evan looked way up, trying to watch each light loop section; it was rather impossible. The numerous loops flowed rapidly. Some loops moved in unison, whereas others moved slower or faster than the other loops. To his left and right, the band went beneath the golden road. To the upper left corner and to the upper right side, the band sort of turned or folded, so the band had two places where it flipped its course. And then he could see more single light bands heading from the Mobius band outward to above Heaven. But what was the purpose of all of this? He wanted to ask, but the Savior had walked much farther ahead.

The Savior made his way into an expansive area about as large as a football field, all covered by the same golden floor. That gathering field? Sure, a gathering field made of a gold floor, dotted everywhere by those other beings. The gates to actual Heaven, across the expanse of this large area, were large lighted ovals. Light, or some form of energy just seemed to be key to everything here. 

With so much hitting Evan’s eyes, his mind felt in a whirl.

And still more was coming.

Now he had a clear view of the other beings walking around. Just as Mom explained, some were very tall, and powerful-appearing. Others were short, or had different shaped heads, or large eyes and differently-shaped faces. Skin colors varied in green, blue, tan, white, grey and a few were even purple. How odd. Many resembled those well-known Grey aliens. And others resembled animal- or insect-like beings. And some were just like regular human beings.

He looked beyond the tall, oval gates. Many, many more of those globe or oval-like portals with winding land-bound paths and horizontal light hazes on either side, making them seem more like a zillion Saturns everywhere, were now quite evident, with so many visible far, far back into a horizon that curved upwards slightly. Upwards? Crazy. Was Heaven maybe a dimension rolled around upon itself, invisibly, and far more immense than it seemed?

“Evan,” the Savior said. “Stand beside me.”

He did as the Savior wanted.

The Savior then had Dad, Mom, and the other hull people and any nearby aliens or other humans stand farther back.

The Savior dove his right hand into his lighted torso. Evan jolted, startled. “Do not be afraid,” the Savior said, and he pulled out a dark sphere. The sphere was about a foot in diameter with a thin, barely visible white glow and many tiny, colored light dots covering its surface.

All righty, then, Evan spoke silently in his mind - things just get more shocking with every second that goes by here!

With a quick fling of his hand, the Savior tossed the sphere outward. It floated above the golden floor a moment and then quickly ballooned in size, until it was about ten feet in diameter. The sphere was obviously mostly light, like a 3D hologram, with its wispy, transparent surface gently brushing up against him, Dad, Mom, and some of the other hull people.

Evan studied it carefully. It was some sort of planet, surrounded by black space, with distinct continents covered with lots of those tiny colored dots, and some large bodies of water here and there. No, wait. He recognized the continents. And the oceans. “Is this…is this Earth?”

“It represents what you understand to be Earth,” the Savior said. “I designed this likeness so you could better grasp the concept I am trying to communicate. Red, orange, and green dots are similar to traffic lights. I added one extra color, dark red.”

“I understand.” Evan stared intently, quickly noticing that those four colors actually were the only colors available for the dots. “Yes, I know about traffic lights.”

 “Good. These lights represent each individual’s relationship to me. Can you see that there are connection light lines from certain dots?”

Observing the green dots carefully, Evan could see what the Savior meant; thin light trails went from the green dots right to the Savior’s torso, just like the light trails still existing between him and the Savior and the other hull people. “Yes, I see some from the green dots. They head right into you.”

“Correct. And there are nearly incalculable light lines entering into me right now, but I have suppressed such visuals. Their brightness would be too disruptive. What do you notice about the dark red dots?”

Evan again stared carefully. The dark red light dots had light trails that flowed outward randomly, with some heading straight up, or some heading right, left, or down across the surface. But each light trail ended abruptly in the outer dark realms around Earth. “Those dots are not connected to you, that’s for certain.”

“Yes, very true.”

A troubling thought shook Evan. “But why do the Causalitors even allow you to connect with people? Wouldn’t that be something they don’t allow?”

“Intelligent observation, Evan. The Dark Causalitors love a challenge. They enjoy immensely changing those who are joined with me.”

“So, that line between you and any of us can be broken?” Dad asked. Evan had forgotten he was even nearby.

 “It takes a large transformation, but yes, it can occur.” The Savior spoke with a trace of sadness in his voice.

“That’s…” Dad said, “that’s rather disturbing.”

Evan couldn’t help but agree in his mind. Nahas, Akina and Kyleigh mumbled about it too.

“Evan,” the Savior said. “Look carefully at the orange and red dots. Do you see any connections with them?”

“Well…” He looked around the Earth again. All of the red dots had no light trails heading out, though a few of those dots were actually half-red and half-orange, with some very short light trails. And most of the orange dots had light trails that headed toward the Savior, but then ended with white light tips, never reaching the Savior. “The orange ones seem to be forming light trails that just end. The red ones don’t really have any, unless they’re part orange.”

“Yes, that’s correct.” The Savior plunged his hand into his inner torso again. He pulled out an oval-shaped object, about a foot long that appeared a likeness of the I-arn Cimpengenstin. He tossed it out, and it floated to the right of the Earth. “As you can see, a representation of the universe engine.”

 “Yeah, it does look like that.”

“All right. Now, as far as taking away the universe engine, there are several concerns to consider. If I take away the universe engine now, the dark red dots will remain connected with the Causalitors, so they will eventually all meet their fate together. All who are green dots will be with me, so they are safe. But the orange and red dots will not be saved, because of changes the Causalitors made to the universe engine.”

“Why did they change it?” Dad asked.

“The Dark Causalitors have become dependent upon the universe engine. Eventually, without it, they will not survive.”

“Not survive?” Robert asked. “I thought they said they live forever?”

“Only if they have sustenance,” Nahas countered. “Remember?”

Robert frowned a little and nodded. “Yeah, true.”

“The Causalitors have become dependent upon ueluxhra,” the Savior said. “They will fight fiercely to prevent its removal. And there is something else. The Causalitors know I will do everything I can to save as many as possible before taking back the universe engine.”

“But how does God figure in all of this,” Dad asked. “You are his son, isn’t that correct? And what about the Bible?”

“I am a very devoted creation of God, and I do his will, and whatever is right. More will be revealed to you at later times, but I will tell you that there are many bibles and I have visited many worlds. And there are many ways that bibles have been manipulated.” The Savior stared directly at Dad. “I know your next thought, Lang. Yes, it is true. Earth is not the only world I have visited and influenced.”

“Thank you, Savior,” Dad said, bowing his head down slightly. “That really helps me understand things better.”

 “You are welcome, Lang.”

But this wasn’t helping much. Evan just felt tired of the excuses. None of this really fit together right . “But then who cares about the people who are red dots or orange dots? Do they really matter? There are so many good people, and…and aliens, suffering terribly. They just want you to take back the universe engine, for its original purpose, an eternal paradise.”

“All right.” The Savior calmly looked into Evan’s eyes. “Let me show you a closer view of Earth’s surface and you can experience what I encounter all the time.”

The holographic-like view of the simulated Earth suddenly magnified, though the actual ten foot width of the hologram didn’t get larger; it felt the same as one of those map apps with satellite capability, able to target in on a location within the borders of its application window. They were drawing in closer to the United States, and then Minnesota. And the Minnesota location they were heading to was very familiar. “Park River? Why are we going there?”

“Keep watching,” the Savior said patiently.

It wasn’t long before they were above a house, some sort of ranch-type home on the outskirts of Park River. The home’s roof quickly became transparent and revealed an orange dot within. The orange dot had a thin light trail heading skyward, about a hundred feet up, but then stopped. The scene magnified closer until the orange dot became an actual boy who was just heading out the door, wearing a backpack, but frozen in motion. Evan looked up at the Savior. “Our dimension really is still on pause?”

“Yes, Evan, as I explained earlier. But observe as we draw nearer.”

Evan directed his gaze back into the home. The view got even closer and he recognized the backpack, and the boy’s hair, even some of the boy’s upper-viewed profile. “Freddy Jergensen?”

“Freddy has wanted to learn of me, but because his parents are not religious, and have never spoken about me or taken him to church, he does not have the proper influence. But he is so close to accepting me.” The Savior stared into Evan’s eyes again. “Should I take back the universe engine now?”

 “What?” The question hit hard and disoriented Evan’s thoughts. “No. Wait. I mean, why…why didn’t I ever talk to him about you?” But he knew that answer; he had been too much of a gutless jerk.

“Do you now understand the difficulty I face?”

“Well…” Evan thought a moment. “Yeah, but…he’s someone I know. Those I don’t know, well…”

“Everyone is someone I know, Evan. Every sentient, intelligent being in your universe is someone I know.”

“Yeah, I guess.” Yet there still seemed to be holes in this reasoning. “But why can’t you just connect your light lines with the oranges and reds, and just pull them out? Or why can’t the Creator just…I don’t know, remove, or destroy all the Causalitors, fix the universe engine, and take it back?”

“Again, it is free will. The Creator lives by a code of free will, and also percentages.”


“Yes. When a large majority of intelligent beings have joined with me, then the Creator will allow me to take back the universe engine. It will be very difficult for me, because there will be those who had their chance, and did not join with me, but it will be much less traumatic than doing so now. There are a large percentage of worlds right now, where the majority of their populations are joined with me, and they live in peace and godliness. But there are other worlds, and Earth is one of them, which are not peaceful enough, percentage-wise, and need much help.” The Savior raised his right arm up. The close-up image of Freddy and his home upon the holographic Earth, and the universe engine, instantly shrunk in size and plunged back into the Savior’s torso, disappearing completely. His light-section body showed no evidence that anything ever took place.

“It still doesn’t make complete sense to me,” Evan said, shrugging, “but I’ll try…I’ll try to understand.” He sighed, and stared down at the golden floor. Crazy. It felt so strange, seeing his low-top hiking sneakers so much larger than when all of this first started.

 “I know this is difficult for you,” the Savior said, and Evan felt a press on his right shoulder. He looked up. The Savior had placed his hand on him! “And when you return, shortly, you will be twelve again.” The Savior released his hand and stared at the other hull people.

Huh? What? A feeling of peace, and love, streamed through Evan’s body, something rather indescribable and emanating from the same spot the Savior touched. His body shook a bit and he expected his heart to race, but his heart and pulse stayed calm, and instead relaxation enveloped his body.

He swallowed, and stared at the Savior’s face, watching him speak to the others. Somehow, he could no longer view the Savior in the same manner.

Something had changed.

“And I have heard your prayers, Lang, Nahas, Akina, and Kyleigh, and yes, I have forgiven all of you for the original prayer that started this event. And I know that all of you are not truly registering what you have witnessed and experienced. All of this will not completely settle within your minds and bodies for many days to come. But then your eyes will be open and you will never see your life in the same manner again.” The Savior looked around at everyone nearby. “You will need to say your final goodbyes to your loved ones. Once you do, I will be placing you back, in the same location before all this started. I will allow everything to remain on pause for one minute, so your minds can regulate to the change. And then you will resume your lives as before.”