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I like to write sci-fi novels whenever I can find the time, especially sci-fi novels that include romance themes.

Otherwise, you'll probably find me doing web development, software engineering, or 3D programming. I have a bachelor's degree in math with minors in computer science and physics.

The website you are currently visiting hosts the Syrrah's Game series of novels. My main website is DCWEndeavors.

I have also authored under the pen name of T.C. Newman. I posted an online novel I wrote, The Promise for Planet AR3, around 2003, 2004. Recently, I published this book on Amazon Kindle. This novel was originally on geocities but is still available on oocities. Here are some of my readers' opinions about the story (note that the pages seem to load slowly at oocities).

This website was designed and coded with the Laravel PHP framework, along with Bootstrap, HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Again, thank you for visiting! And I hope you are having a wonderful day :-)

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